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Hydraulic Oil

High-Performance Hydraulic Oil: Engineered for high-pressure hydraulic systems, providing exceptional thermal stability and protection against oxidation, ensuring reliable operation in extreme conditions.

*Hydrokat 46
*Hydrokat 46 HLP-K
*Hydrokat 68
*Hydrokat 68 HLP-K

Cutting Oil

Optimized Performance: Our cutting oils are engineered to provide optimal lubrication and cooling properties, enhancing tool life, reducing heat generation, and improving cutting efficiency. With superior performance, our cutting oils help you achieve better machining results and higher productivity.

Advanced Formulation: We use advanced additives and base oils to formulate our cutting oils, ensuring excellent stability, lubricity, and corrosion protection. Our cutting oils are designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads, providing reliable performance in demanding machining applications.

Versatility: Our cutting oils are suitable for a wide range of metalworking processes, including turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and more. Whether you’re working with ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, or exotic alloys, our cutting oils provide consistent performance and exceptional results.

Environmental Responsibility: Our cutting oils are formulated with biodegradable and environmentally friendly additives, ensuring minimal environmental impact while maximizing performance. They are designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations and standards.

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